Jazzanova Live! at 10 Days Off (with download)

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The line up to this year’s 10 Days Off festival in Gent included a night with both Jazzanova and Gilles Peterson. The time shedule even mentioned “Live! feat. Paul Randolph”, but our first thought was “sure, a live PA over a dj-set”. While visiting the Dour festival for a Dorian Concept gig that very same day though, we were told we had just missed the full Jazzanova live band on Lefto’s stage. Our hopes went up that maybe we’d also get the full live experience at 10 Days Off later that day…

And yes, Berlin’s finest dj and producer collective came over with a trumpeter, a saxophonist, a drummer, a bass player, a lead guitar player, a pianist and Detroit’s Paul Randolph on vocals. Axel Reinemer was the only original Jazzanova crew member present, adding sample delicacies from behind his laptop.
If you had asked me before that night, I would’ve considered it to be difficult bringing Jazzanova’s sample and programming masterpieces from their first album live in an exciting way, but the band did pull it off. It really was a live gig, and not just a couple of musicians playing over a backing track.

Daniel W. Best introduced us to the live band, giving an overview of the special band Jazzanova and Sonar Kollektiv has with the 10 Days Off dance festival. (They dj’ed here regularly and once had a night when all 3 rooms exclusively featured Sonar Kollektiv artists on the line up.)
The band played classics like Days To Come, L.O.V.E. And You & I and No Use (where Paul Randolph nicely pulled off replacing the silk voice of Clara Hill) next to new material from the latest album Of All The Things on Verve Recordings.

Jazzanova Live! feat. Paul Randolph Jazzanova Live! feat. Paul Randolph
  • Jazzanova Live! feat. Paul Randolph
  • Gilles Peterson
All pictures by oemebamo

Via Studio Brussel we found a full and high quality recording of the whole gig, which you can listen to here:

download the mp3

We also snapped this video in glorious HD during Let Me Show Ya! which gives you an idea of the vibe that night. Highlight of the night was the encore of Boom Clicky Boom Klack, though. So go witness them, if the band’s tour passes anywhere near you!

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  1. man wrote August 17 2009 at 1:06 am

    NICE! real nice..

  2. Akira wrote September 27 2009 at 1:27 am

    wow , sound nice , big up jazzanova .