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Two weeks ago, Build An Ark and IG Culture’s Zen Badism Workshop played a wonderful concert in Cargo, London. Karen P of Red Bull Music Academy sent us the following video report. It’s got interviews with Carlos Niño and IG Culture, as well as some footage of the rehearsals and the live rendition of the new BAA track “Sunflowers In My Garden”.

For more audio recordings of the night, head over to RBMA Radio: Build An Ark, Zen Badizm and IG Culture.

And in case you were wondering if it was a great night, this is what, our favorite music mag, had to say about it:

On IG Culture’s Zen Badism Workshop: “This is a consolidated performance of an exciting live project that IG has stylishly arranged and that is held together by an impeccable rhythm section formed by Richard Spaven on drums, Kaidi Tatham on keys, Akwasi Mensah on bass, and IG himself on percussion. The band is tight and meticulous, and it doesn’t take long for the dancers to assemble in front of the stage as a result.” –

On Phil Ranelin from Build An Ark: “Ranelin shatters the calm with raucous vibratos, yet his phrasing is carefully controlled. You can sense a mild reverence towards him in the group dynamic, and this is totally justifiable: his performance evinces his depth of experience and his position as an original trombone stylist. If this playing does not deserve to be in the jazz festival I struggle to know what does.” –

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For more info and music from Build An Ark, check our interview with Carlos and our tribute podcast.

Thanks to Karen P, Folu Babatola, Eventful, Red Bull Music Academy Radio and

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  1. simon green wrote November 29 2009 at 3:01 pm

    thanks for this .. the video report is very cool.. it really captures the atmosphere of this intimate and emotional event. nicely. x