Soil & “PIMP” Sessions live at De Kreun (pics)

Thu 8 Apr 10 - by oemebamo - 0 Comments

In case you were wondering, the Japanese DEATH jazz band Soil & “PIMP” Sessions is still the most energetic jazz band we’ve ever seen live. Last night they played at the lovely De Kreun club in Kortrijk and it was totally off the hook.

Shacho Shacho
  • Shacho
  • Tabu Zombie
  • Motoharu
  • Setlist
  • Josei
  • Tabu Zombie
  • Motoharu
  • Motoharu
  • Akita Goldman
  • Tabu Zombie
All pictures © Jurriaan Persyn

A couple more over here or join the Beyondjazz Flickr group for more visual candy.

We’ll be sure to drop some tunes from their most recent LP “6” in the upcoming podcasts. And if you can’t wait, Juno.co.uk always has a great stock of Japan imports and Brownswood re-releases.

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