Mount Kimbie & Benga live at 10 days off

Tue 27 Jul 10 - by lensco - 1 Comment

Last week we were at the 10 days off festival here in Gent to see Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison and Benga perform. As we already expressed on Twitter, we had a blast! Fortunately some sets were recorded as well, so do check these out! Mount Kimbie played live: guitars, percussion and drums were looped and manipulated with a whole range of electronic gear and gadgets.

After Joy Orbison’s impeccable set, it was Benga‘s turn to destroy the dancefloor. If you don’t mind a slice of hard-hitting dubstep once in a while, do check out this.

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  1. yeah wrote September 2 2010 at 5:57 pm

    benga like dj sucks a bit, but like produccer rocks!