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#474 – Let’s Light a Candle

Mon 2 Jan 17 - by lensco - 3 Comments

A happy new year from Beyondjazz! Join us as we look back on 2016 – no time for best-of lists though – and peek a little into the future. Ensemble Entendu – Peel Back – Astro Nautico H…

#473 – Light Up The Sky

Tue 1 Nov 16 - by lensco - 9 Comments

Long overdue, here’s the latest installment of Beyondjazz. Let’s not waste too many words here and jump straight into the wonderful music from the likes of Machinedrum, Kaidi Tatham, Crack…

#472 – Jet City

Mon 25 Jul 16 - by lensco - 12 Comments

Our summer episode goes all over the map, with plenty of downtempo grooves and R&B flavors drenched in synths. Put on those shades and get a tan! Julien Mier – In Your Iris – King Del…

#471 – More Everything Please

Sun 22 May 16 - by lensco - 2 Comments

Mostly house beats in this episode of Beyondjazz, but of course we never do simple mono meals, so more everything please! If you enjoy it, feel free to leave a message – always nice to hear from you…

#470 – Speed Limit

Wed 16 Mar 16 - by lensco - 6 Comments

Join us as we go from 120 to 172 beats per minute in about 90 minutes – from the bouncing beats by Kingdom all the way to the deep drum’n’bass stabs from Rockwell. Let us know how you li…

#469 – Uberty

Mon 22 Feb 16 - by lensco - Comments Off on #469 – Uberty

Nearly a hundred minutes of carefully blended deep, atmospheric vibes and beats. Some of these tunes have been lined up to play in Beyondjazz for months now, but better late than never! Shigeto &…

#468 – Six Marimbas for Christmas

Sat 26 Dec 15 - by lensco - 1 Comment

Here’s a little gift for you on this Boxing Day! An eclectic show with lots of new goodies to feast on, including a couple of current personal favorites. Eskmo – Polar Bear And Blackbirds …

#467 – Unsquare

Sun 13 Dec 15 - by lensco - 2 Comments

While we jump some technical hurdles, Beyondjazz co-founder Oemebamo stretched his fingers and recorded another mix. 75 minutes of favorites old and new for your enjoyment. More shows real soon! Domu …

#466 – Ticklish Triplet

Sat 3 Oct 15 - by lensco - 5 Comments

Ticklish, a producer from Berlin, has been releasing a whole host of bootleg mashups, EP’s and remixes. We’re putting the spotlights on his output with three tracks back to back in this ep…

#465 – Caves and Oceans

Mon 7 Sep 15 - by lensco - 4 Comments

Always exploring, we take you on a trip again to remote sonic caves and musical cities. Expect some thunderous beats, dark soundscapes and intriguing grooves. Basically just good music. The Phantom &#…