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#464 – Mainstream Gold

Sat 8 Aug 15 - by lensco - 3 Comments

Yes, beyondjazz is still a thing! Lots of poppy tunes to start this episode, as there’s still quite a bit of gold to be found in the mainstream. Then slowly getting into housey terrain as we reach p…

#463 – How Can You Let Go

Wed 29 Apr 15 - by lensco - 1 Comment

With the gear finally set up at my place, it’s time to record some more Beyondjazz! More of a selection than a mix this week, with loads of fantastic albums and tunes from the past weeks, months…

#462 – Memories

Sun 1 Mar 15 - by lensco - 3 Comments

Managed to record one last show before I move to a new place next week. Again a big blend of tunes I’ve been spinning myself for the past months. Quite a few peaks, and, as far as I’m conc…

#461 – Running Colours

Fri 16 Jan 15 - by lensco - 1 Comment

From an intro theme for an unwritten 80’s movie to completely bonkers double speed chip funk, we have it all again in this first episode of the new year. To many more! Redinho – Stinger &#…

#460 – Holidays Part II

Fri 26 Dec 14 - by lensco - Comments Off on #460 – Holidays Part II

Now here’s a Christmas bonus round for you. It’s been a big year for house music, with fantastic new work from the likes of Glenn Astro, Max Graef, Harvey Sutherland, Leon Vynehall, and of course …

#459 – Holidays Part I

Fri 26 Dec 14 - by lensco - 2 Comments

No best of the year lists or charts at Beyondjazz, just a special two-part episode to make up for the long wait (again). With a few tracks I’ve been meaning to play for a while, and some just re…

#458 – Bummse Bounce

Mon 6 Oct 14 - by lensco - 9 Comments

Long, dubby and housey tunes – that’s the recurring theme for this episode, building up to some lovely peaktime bouncing. Prins Thomas – Trans – Full Pupp Mark E – Smoke R…

#457 – Soul Clang

Sun 21 Sep 14 - by lensco - Comments Off on #457 – Soul Clang

Hard-hitting bass beats meet soulful grooves and vocals – that’s this episode of Beyondjazz in a nutshell. For the full story, hit play! S-Type – Franco – LuckyMe Mr. Carmack R…

#456 – 4D Funk

Thu 28 Aug 14 - by lensco - 3 Comments

Yes, we’re still in business, and we have some mighty fine music coming at you! SOHN – Fool – 4AD Ogris Debris – Something Good (The Clonious Remix) – Disko404 Jean Nipon…

#455 – A House Is Like A Clique

Mon 21 Jul 14 - by lensco - 1 Comment

The second podcast for today is a mixtape from our DJ Oemebamo, filled to the brim with his current faves, ranging from wobbly garage beats to bonafide boogie grooves. Perfect for road trips! Leon Vyn…