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#454 – Sunrise

Mon 21 Jul 14 - by lensco - Comments Off on #454 – Sunrise

Yes, two Beyondjazz episodes at once! Next to DJ Oemebamo’s mixtape, there’s this regular blend of fresh tunes to accompany you to both blissful beaches and dreary desks. Whatever your cur…

#453 – Worldwide Festival 2014 Preview

Sun 15 Jun 14 - by lensco - Comments Off on #453 – Worldwide Festival 2014 Preview

While we’re gearing up for another wonderful, sun-drenched week in beautiful Sète for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival, Oemebamo took a good look at the excellent line-up. Inspecting …

#451 – Under The Spell

Sun 23 Mar 14 - by lensco - 3 Comments

House beats – that’s the common thread throughout this episode. But in the usual Beyondjazz tradition, they come in all kinds of shapes and colors. From the exuberant hands-in-the-air piano st…

#450 – Oh My Gosh

Fri 7 Mar 14 - by lensco - 2 Comments

Yup, it’s March already, and this is the first show of 2014. Oops. Fortunately, all these wonderful new tunes will make you forget anything, so make sure you’re not doing something importa…

#449 – It’s What You Want

Fri 10 Jan 14 - by lensco - 6 Comments

Here’s our DJ Oemebamo welcoming you to the new year with an hour-long mixtape of his current favorites. Heavy on the dancefloor side, with plenty of house beats, both new and old, in all kinds …

#448 – Maximum Booty Style

Fri 6 Dec 13 - by lensco - Comments Off on #448 – Maximum Booty Style

Lots of bass and footwork this time, so make sure you have that subwoofer hooked up. Enjoy the vibes! Proviant Audio – It’s Back – Paper Submerse – Twiceshy (Daisuke Tanabe Rem…

#447 – Sharks!

Sun 24 Nov 13 - by lensco - 3 Comments

Monstrous house grooves in this episode, like, really huge fist pumping vibes. One hour of the finest house tracks of the past weeks and months, blended together into one podcast. Shake ’em! Leo…

#446 – Levitate

Sat 2 Nov 13 - by lensco - 4 Comments

82 minutes of the signature Beyondjazz blend, that’s what you’re getting here. Picking carefully from everything released in the past few months, and patching it together to create a music…

#445 – Off The Grid

Sun 29 Sep 13 - by lensco - Comments Off on #445 – Off The Grid

Super excited once again to present you these two hours of fantastic, eclectic music. Bass, house, and plenty of sounds that simply won’t fit in any pigeonhole – just as you like ’em. Yo…