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Gent Jazz 2010 festival review

Mon 19 Jul 10 - by lensco - Comments Off on Gent Jazz 2010 festival review

Summer’s here in full effect, and as usual it brings along the Gent Jazz festival in the first half of July. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see a lot of gigs this year due to an already bus…

Gent Jazz festival review, part II

Sat 25 Jul 09 - by lensco - 1 Comment

July 16 – Jamie Lidell The Belgian band Briskey had the honour of opening the second weekend of the Gent Jazz festival, focused on cross-over/fusion acts. But we only got there just when Leela James…

Gent Jazz festival review, part I

Wed 15 Jul 09 - by oemebamo - 1 Comment

The Gent Jazz Festival in Beyondjazz hometown Gent (Belgium), is taking a few days off as we write this, with Richard Galliano rounding up the first part of the festival last Sunday. The festival form…

Gent Jazz ’09 festival preview

Mon 29 Jun 09 - by lensco - 4 Comments

Briefly mentioned in our summer festival round-up, the Gent Jazz festival deserves a special mention. After all, it’s all happening in the backyard of the Beyondjazz homebase: Gent, Belgium. It&…

Summer Fests Round-Up 2009

Thu 25 Jun 09 - by creaminal - 4 Comments

illustration by Theodore Taylor – The much-loved summer festivals are surely coming back for good! Here are our picks for this year.…