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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Sun 3 Feb 19 - by lensco - 28 Comments

Hi friends. Let’s just cut right to the chase: there won’t be any new episodes of Beyondjazz. If you take a quick look at our release schedule, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The…

Erik Rico & Marc Mac – Direct Soul EP

Sat 9 Oct 10 - by creaminal - 1 Comment

Every Marc Mac release is always something very special to look out for. This one is no exception as he teamed up with LA based Erik Rico for a beautiful soul single called Direct Soul coming out at t…

Leaving for Australia

Tue 6 Jul 10 - by oemebamo - 4 Comments

Two more podcasts with me, Jurriaan, that’s what you’ll get … If you’re new to Beyondjazz; I’m Jurriaan aka oemebamo and I’m currently half of the duo bringing you the …

4hero presents Extensions

Sun 9 Aug 09 - by creaminal - 4 Comments

4hero present a compilation of original previously unreleased cover versions of their music, reinterpreted by a selection of hand picked artists. Check the player for the 12 songs! Out on 26 October 2…

José James – Black Magic

Thu 16 Jul 09 - by creaminal - 17 Comments

After his great debut album, The Dreamer and various works with Jazzanova, Nicola Conte or Dj Mitsu, New York based vocalist José James has finished his second solo material which will be coming out …

A new beginning

Sun 28 Jun 09 - by lensco - 30 Comments

As promised, you’re looking at the brand new third incarnation of Beyondjazz. It’s been quite a ride, but we feel that once again Beyondjazz is taking the pulse of the larger future jazz c…